Our sheepskins are farmed by sheep farmers across Canada, and tanned in a family run tannery in Ontario. They are a final product in our Canadian mutton industry making use of the whole animal. 

The hides are processed in beautiful old wooden vats and washing tubs, repurposed themselves from old brewery equipment over 60 years ago. Reverence carries the hides throughout the whole process from start to finish; using only the most carefully butchered hides through to the cleaning and processing, to the final combing and trimming. They use a small selection of hand machinery, most of which they have built themselves that must be cared for and repaired by the small dedicated group of family members and workers at the mill. The careful work and slow processing at the mill feels like you are stepping back in time although they have recently become the first mill in North America to make a machine washable sheepskin.

We feel very lucky to work with the this tannery, their dedication to careful craftsmanship balanced with efficient and effective processes produce heirloom treasures while saving hundreds of skins from the landfill. We are very proud to distribute for them.

To wash your sheepskin use cool water, a wool soap and a gentle cycle in your washing machine. I like to use Orvus Paste or Eucalan Wash. Hang to dry without folding, strong clips on a clothesline work best or tumble dry on low heat. Once dry brush out with a strong comb to desired fluffiness.